The latest model HIFU 【Ultracell Zi】

It is a pinpoint high-density ultrasound machine treatment.
HIFU adds heat from skin to the fascia layer and tightens your face.

Working on from the deep muscle layer to skin layer,
it promotes the production of collagen and elastin by heat.
So it is effective for improving sagging and tightening.

Because of the machine treatment, you don’t care about recovery time.

It is recommended for those who are concerned about smile lines, marionette lines, sagging face and neck.

【Ultracell Zi】is the latest model of Ultracell. (Ultracell series is popular in Japan)

“slowa’s point”
・At the examination, check the degree of sagging and difference of left and right side.

・We design it according to your ideal image and customize it in detail according to each customer.

・we change Layer depth at 0.5 mm intervals depending on your face area.

・You can add a fat reduction mode as an option.

・you can choice painful but effective mode or less pain mode.
(If you are worried about the pain in the painful mode, anesthesia is also possible as an option.)

Treatment interval is every three months.

[Post treatment risks and side effects]
※There are individual differences.
Redness, edema, internal bleeding, pain etc.
(These disappear naturally in a few days.)
Very rarely Neuropathy.